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What is BSidesVarazdin?

BSidesVarazdin is a vendor neutral technical information security symposium in Croatia.
We strive to be a place where professionals and hackers regardless of gender, race or background can meet on neutral ground and exchange ideas and knowledge, and discuss current topics, trends and problems in the broad topic of information security.

When and where?

At 16.9.2022 (Friday) - Park Boutique Hotel Varaždin.
Or more simply, it's the Friday before Balccon.

What are our values?

We want intellectual sustenance, we do not want only form, fear mongering or sales pitches. We want high quality content, knowledge, experience and expertise to be shared with our attendees. We want to hear the latest thoughts and points of view from professionals, freelancers, consultants, governmental and law enforcement branches to hackers of all hat colors from a neutral, unbiased perspective.
When we say vendor neutral, we don’t mean we dislike businesses or people that work professionally in the area of information security, we know no one wants sales talks when they want to educate themselves and network. We do want businesses to show off on what they are doing and their expertise.

I want to speak at BSidesVarazdin

Great, our CFP is open until 29.8.2022. We will notify you of talk acceptance until 1.9.2022.

Topics of Interest

We see BSidesVarazdin as neutral ground, a place to exchange ideas and knowledge. We will always strive to provide our attendees with high quality lectures without sales pitches.
  • Defensive and offensive security and advanced methods
  • Application and Web security
  • Governance
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Incident Response and Forensics
  • Data Privacy and Law
  • Cyber Warfare, Botnets and advanced Cyber-Munitions
  • Physical Security and Entry methods
  • Reverse Engineering and Malware Research
  • Telecommunications and Mobile Network Security
  • Legal and Social Aspect of Information Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Biometrics and biometric bypass techniques
  • Other Interesting Technical Information Security Content

Is this the first BSides Varazdin?

Yes and no. BSides Varazdin is just a continuation of the old FSec Symposium, focused as a more non-formal and community focused event.

How much does it cost to attend?

0 EUR / HRK. This is a community focused event. We will have a registration form in a few weeks, which will enable you to attend, but there is no payment or tickets to be had. Keep in mind, you do need to register to enter the venue as we have a limited number of seats available.
Registrations will be opened soon!

Can I get involved? Can I sponsor?

Sure! We are firm believers that work should begin by saying "I will..." and not "You could...". Tweet at @bsidesvarazdin and give your suggestion how you can contribute and what you can do to help.
Consider helping by solving and completing one piece of the conference puzzle like badges, coffee break, lunch break or bbq, etc.

What is the recording policy and reporting policy for BSidesVarazdin?

Taking photos, videos or audio recordings is strictly forbidden unless you have explicit consent of the recorded / photoed party.
The entire conference is run under Chatham House Rule unless a different model is chosen by a speaker.

Do you have a Twitter account and what is the hashtag?

Yes, it's @bsidesvarazdin and the hashtag is #bsidesvz

Who is behind this?