You can reach the city of Varaždin by several means of transportation: bus, train, car and airplane. From more distant parts of the Europe and the rest of the world, our guests usually fly in to Zagreb first. To get from the Zagreb airport (called Franjo Tuđman airport) to the town of Varaždin you have two options:
Public transportation: There is a direct bus shuttle to the Zagreb Central bus station. From there you can take a bus to Varaždin. See the travel schedule here.
Taxi or van: Renting a car or taking a taxi are fairly more expensive alternatives than a bus ride to Varaždin, but they're a good option if you will have fellow travelers. Inside the Franjo Tuđman Airport building you can find several rent-a-car service providers with all the necessary information. You can also book your trip sooner using online taxi booking. One of the possibilities is available here.


The City of Varaždin, capital of the Varaždin County, is situated on the southern bank of the River Drava. The region is delimited by natural borders, lying at the crossroads of Austria’s Styria and Croatia’s Međimurje, Zagorje and the Upper Drava Valley. Varaždin has a population of approximately 50 000, and enjoys the status of the regional cultural, educational, economic and sporting center as well as being a tourism hub of the North-Western Croatia. It's mainly known for its baroque buildings, textile, food and IT industry. Varaždin is a proud holder of 11 national 'Green Flowers' awards as the most orderly town of inland Croatia.
The New York Times listed town of Varaždin among 52 places in the world that you have to visit in 2014!


Hotel Park is our venue, which also is a 4 star hotel.
Another option is the student dorm (Which has really good rooms, with private bathrooms) and is quite inexpensive (around 25-30 EUR for a night in a private room). You can find more info here. The dorm is within 10 minutes of walking distance from Hotel Park.
Other options include Hotel Turist, B&B Arbia Dorka Luxury Palace etc...


The official currency in Croatia is Euro (EUR). In most of the stores and restaurants you can pay with your debit and credit cards. ATMs work with the most common cards.